When Wolfgang Wildeman (Amsterdam, 2008) discovered the potential of his voice at the age of nine, he began writing and recording songs in his bedroom. Five years, four albums, three singles, and three videos later, stages started replacing his bedroom, his talents skillfully shaped by equally dedicated yet seasoned professionals.

Since singing coach and artist Sofie Winterson (MICH, The Souldiers) enriched his performances of ballads and rock songs alike, exciting years lie ahead, further developing his versatile voice.

Additionally, renowned techno DJ Joris Voorn produced his third album "Spider" (2021), while Wolfgang's family was involved early on in his enthusiasm. His then four-year-old brother Louis designed the cover of that same album, with each song representing a distinctive nightmare Wolfgang experienced at a young age. His sister Juno provided background vocals for the title track of "America" (2020), and from his first track "My Girl - Original" (2020), his father Gijs helped out with songwriting and recording.

At his debut performance at Slachthuis (Haarlem, 2021), Wolfgang demonstrated his natural stage presence, singing, and playing. This legendary first show, where "mister weird beard" Joshua Baumgarten of the spoken word formation The Irrational Library introduced him and shortly thereafter booked him as a support act at Patronaat (Haarlem, 2022) for indie veterans The Avonden.

The Stennes Young Award (2022) marked the beginning of growing public recognition, followed by an acoustic opening at the launch of Club Kazoo (2023), participation in Paradiso's Zonneprijs (2023), and his first support acts for artists like Flip Noorman (Tolhuistuin 2023). At the age of fifteen, he became the youngest winner ever of the prestigious Amsterdam singer-songwriter competition 'Mooie Noten' (2024). Winning over the crowds at Paradiso and the Vondelpark theater with disarming yet powerful one-man-band performances, enriched with ambient reverb effects and foot percussion. The jury hailed him as a promise for the future.

Writing about forty songs annually, ranging from acoustic ballads to stadium anthems, hinting to nineties guitar bands yet electronically influenced, one can only speculate how far Wolfgang's ambitions will ultimately reach.

The mash-up of all his previous songs in "Reprise," concluding the album "Let's Make It Sound" (2021), is as gripping as the six-minute piano ballad "Draki" (2022), a tribute to his deceased cat that took him two years to record before he could overcome the grief.

Roaming the nature of Vlieland in his mother's wedding dress in the video for "I W*nder" (2022), embellished with illegal drone shots from this military no-fly zone, already proves that whichever path Wolfgang chooses in his career, it will be an exciting and captivating one.

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